Acqua Bonita is my dream come true. A dream of bright colours, sunny skies, blue pristine waters and amazing vacations by the beach looking your best... 



A dream that I wanted for women in their well-deserved vacations... That is how the idea of Acqua Bonita started. 



Moving from the cold winters of Michigan to the year-round warmth of Malaysia seemed the right time to use my design experience and passion (obsession?) for colour, well cut clothes and quality tailoring. This is when Acqua Bonita was born. 



Combining Mediterranean flair with South East Asia beautifully printed textiles, our designs are one-of-a-kind, in carefully curated fabrics, with well-thought-out patterns and fit and a great deal of attention to tailoring and finishing.     



Above all I want women wearing our dresses to feel & look absolutely gorgeous.



So we aim for styles that are colourful, breezy, with clean lines, well-cut and tailored and which flatter you!



As a business, we support refugees and batik artisans, empower women in our community and minimize our carbon footprint by manufacturing locally and producing a limited quantity at a time to reduce waste and surplus goods.



Hope you stay with us in this incredible journey!



Spreading sunshine and happiness one day at a time