Acqua Bonita is a dream come true. A dream of bright colours, sunny skies, blue pristine waters and fabulous vacations by the beach...

Born in sunny Kuala Lumpur as a resort and summer lifestyle brand, Acqua Bonita combines the relaxed Mediterranean style with the cultural heritage and craftsmanship of Malaysia and South East Asia.

Our mission is to bring joy and glam to your getaways and summer days with super flattering designs to make you look and feel your best.

The name comes from the Italian word for water “acqua” and “bonita” which means “beautiful” in Spanish, evoking the blue clear waters, sandy beaches and idyllic vacations I dreamt so often... 

High quality fabrics, meticulous fits, fine craftsmanship, and sustainability are the cornerstones of the brand's DNA.

Acqua Bonita designs are colourful, one-of-a kind, feminine outfits to brighten up your days. Breezy dresses, kaftans, cover ups, separates and unique accessories that will be equally perfect for the beach or for a summer evening.

Our tenets:

✩ clean lines,

✩ well-cut clothes,

✩ highly curated printed fabrics, soft to the touch,

✩ limited editions of styles,

✩ flattering, versatile, flowy, breezy designs,

✩ with fine craftsmanship,

while empowering women and supporting local refugees and batik artisan communities. 


Hope you join us in this super exciting journey,

Maria ♡♡♡

Designer & Founder