All our designs are consciously crafted.


At least 90% of our products are locally made in Kuala Lumpur at a short distance from our studio.


This not only contributes to a lower carbon footprint but it also shows our commitment to our community and the local economy.


We value and support craftsmanship and artisanal processes while maintaining a high quality finish to our designs.

In particular, we have a soft spot for hand painted and hand printed batik, the centuries-old art found in South East Asia and some African countries.

We support batik artisan communities from Malaysia and Indonesia by creating modern, colorful clothing in batik.


Refugee communities in Kuala Lumpur sew our designs, which helps supporting themselves and their families.

Last, we also support, work and empower women and female owned businesses in our community.


We don't like waste!

Therefore, we strive to creatively upcycle the leftover fabric scraps making children's dresses, hair accessories, etc.